The Beginning of Ice Cream

Our love affair with ice cream can be traced back many centuries ago when pure indulgence came in a form of snow, drizzled with sweet honey and fruit juice! In fact, the Roman Emperor, Nero was known to dispatch messengers into the far mountains to collect snow as ingredients for his icy desserts!
Today, ice cream that was once a luxury reserved for the wealthy is easily within our reach. Its velvety, icy goodness can be enjoyed by many from all walks of life with the latest technology in making, storing and delivering ice cream.

At F&N Ice Cream Division, we add extra oomph into the ice cream that many of us are familiar with. Our dedication to innovation has introduced a variety of exciting ice cream products that offer consumers greater taste and better health.

Each ice cream made in our factory is a labour of love as we practice stringent quality control at every stage of the production process. Follow us behind the scenes, as we bring you through the extensive production process of our velvety smooth ice cream....