MAGNOLIA ICE CREAM has been for generations, the source of delightful and tasty indulgence. Magnolia single serve ice-cream sticks or cups are always within reach whenever and wherever you crave a reward. Want to share the fun? Magnolia multipacks and family-sized tubs make it as simple as popping the lid. Magnolia is a trusted provider of great value, fun and innovative ice cream products for each and every special moment.

Magnolia Tropical Sling Potong SweetCorn (60ml)
Another all-time street dessert flavour: Sweet Corn! Revel in the succulent sweet corn bits embedded in a thick and creamy sweet corn flavoured potong on a stick.
Magnolia Tropical Sling Potong Redbean (60ml)
The pure goodness of Magnolia in your favourite local dessert flavour: Red Bean Potong! Creamy with real red bean bits, Magnolia Tropical Sling Red Bean Potong is so authentic you will yearn for extra servings!
Magnolia Tropical Sling Apple Burst (65ml)
It's a delightful pineapple- and apple-flavoured ice cream with real pineapple bits, enveloped by a cold burst of apple ice cream. The distinct taste of apples lends a familiar and ever-popular taste to this new product.
Magnolia Tropical Sling Jolly (65ml)
Yes! We know you're excited! That's why we're recommending the Tropical Sling Jolly. Its refreshingly cool and creamy vanilla core is blanketed by lime-flavoured ice confection. Pure perfection!
Magnolia Tropical Sling Apple Burst and Berry Blast (65ml x 4’s)
Try Tropical Sling Apple Burst and Tropical Sling Berry Blast to quench your thirst and refresh your body and mind. Each multipack contains 4 sticks of both Apple Burst and Berry Blast ice cream with real pineapple bits.
Magnolia Tropical Sling Jolly Multipack (65ml x 4's)
Now the Tropical Sling Jolly Multipack is a four-pack you don't need to work for. Loved by all, there's enough of this vanilla and lime combination to go around to perk everyone up!
Magnolia Tropical Sling Juicy Bar (110ml)
Deliciously fruity and invigorating, the Tropical Sling Juicy Bar is a burst of fun refreshment, packed in a handy tube for enjoyment on the go.