FOOD SERVICE offers diversity of fine ice cream scooping for restaurants with the taste that's varied and satisfying.


Magnolia Cotton Candy (5.9L)
A delightful treat that delivers fun in pretty pink and blue hues harks back to a time of simple pleasures and tasty treats. Great for concocting tempting and yummy desserts.
Magnolia Cappuccino Chips (6L)
A sublime combination of cappuccino-flavoured ice-creams and crunchy-licious chocolatey chips that will swoon every palate with their creamy goodness! Definitely a delightful treat for the coffee lover!
Magnolia Chocolate (6L)
Concocted from the finest cocoa to capture the purest decadence of chocolate.
Magnolia Vanilla (6L)
Luscious vanilla ice cream that is ideal for concocting any dessert you can imagine.
Magnolia Choc O Chips (6L)
More than just your ordinary chocolate ice cream. Indulge in the rich goodness of chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip crumbles.
Magnolia Chocolate Chip (6L)
An indulgent duet of velvety rich vanilla ice cream with crunchy-licious chocolate bits that is hard to resist.
Magnolia Raspberry Ripple (6L)
Delish vanilla ice cream interlaced with stripes of raspberry ripples. Velvety, sweet and tangy concoction that is blasting with sweet refreshing goodness
Magnolia Strawberry (6L)
Brimming with strawberry goodness, this variant is refreshingly creamy with a mouth-watering sweetness that is ready to whet your palate.
Magnolia Cookies N Cream (6L)
A classic favourite - sweet cookie crumbles folded into our signature vanilla ice cream.
Magnolia Coffee and Chocolate Chip (6L)
We redefine coffee with our version of rich coffee flavoured ice creams, complete with crisp chocolate chips for an added crunch.
Magnolia Tutti-frutti (6L)
A colourful concoction of candied fruit flavour that is both a delight to both the eyes and taste buds.
Magnolia Coffee (6L)
The infusion of bittersweet coffee essence into smooth cream, resulting in a coffee-licious ice cream that is perfect for all coffee lovers.
Magnolia Mint Choc Chip (6L)
An invigorating treat that blends mint-essence into velvety ice cream, topped with rich chocolate bits for an added crunch.
Magnolia Mango (6L)
Our tribute to flavours of the tropics, featuring  smooth mango ice cream that is bursting with tropical sweetness.
Magnolia Ruammitr (6L)
A complex blend of rich coconut cream with toothsome jack fruit bits - our tribute to Thailand's classic dessert!
Magnolia Sweetcorn (6L)
A savoury indulgence that combines the sweetness of corn with the rich texture of delicious cream.
Magnolia Yam (6L)
A delicious combination of purple yams and cream, churned into perfection to offer the best of the iconic Asian flavour.
Magnolia Coconut (6L)
Creamy ice cream with a rich coconut flavour. An exquisite treat that is ideal as a base for many icy treats.
Magnolia Taro (6L)
Purple is the new black with this hearty-licious blend of yam and cream. Truly delicious!
Magnolia Durian (6L)
Bitter, sweet and fragrant, the complex flavours of the undisputed King of Fruits are well-captured in this creamy-licious variant from King's.
Magnolia Lemon (6L)
Refreshingly zesty, perfect to perk yourself up on a hot day.