King's From the signature traditional potong ice cream to innovative flavours in sticks, cups and take-away tubs, King’s extensive range of ice creams promises to treat the taste buds with tantalizing flavours. Also available in multipacks and family-sized tubs that are perfect for sharing, King’s continues to offer quality ice cream with great value for everyone in the family.

King's Bites : A bite-sized indulgence that is perfect for a perk-me-up moment, anytime and anywhere. Enjoy velvety ice cream in exciting flavours shelled in thick layers of crunchy chocolate coating for a multi-sensorial delight.

King's Fruity Lime Surprise : Nothing beats the combination of smooth vanilla ice cream encased in a zesty, lime-flavoured icy confection to invigorate your senses and brighten up your day.

King's Grand : Savour the exquisite range of continental-flavoured ice creams. Let King’s Grand captivate your imagination and whet your appetite with the heavenly taste of the finest ingredients.

King's Potong : Bring back fond memories of the past with King’s signature Potong ice-creams. Inspired by time-honoured Asian recipes, King’s Potong is loved by many generations for its classic and sensational flavours.

King's Spinner : Excite your taste buds with thrilling ice cream flavours encased in crunchy wafer and topped with fun tidbits.

King's Sundae-licious : Taking classic ice creams up a notch with swirls of pleasure with King’s Sundaelicious! Enjoy the goodness of vanilla ice creams whirled in tantalizing sauce for that extra oomph. Perfect for sharing with families and friends.

King's Tub : Surely, sweet indulgence is best shared with our loved ones! With King’s, sharing is made deliciously easy with its innovative easy-to-open pack. Available in 11 mouth-watering flavours, from classic Vanilla and Chocolate to fun, innovative flavours such as Tic Tac Toe and Carnival, there is always something for everyone.

King's Wafer :A sweet tribute to the olden days of icy enjoyment. Savour delicious blocks of ice creams sandwiched in between layers of skinny wafers for a crunchilicious indulgence, anytime and anywhere.

Sundae-licious Mixed Berries (800ml)
A berry delicious concoction of mixed berries sauce swirled through a smooth, rich vanilla ice cream. 
Sundae-licious Chocolate (800ml)
Classic vanilla ice cream, smothered in a rich, chocolatey fudge swirl that never fails to delight the palate.
Sundae-licious Chocolate & Caramel (800ml)
A twist on a classic favourite, savour the decadent chocolate ice cream doused in rich chocolate sauce and crunchy chocolate balls. The perfect everyday indulgence.
Sundae-licious Strawberry (800ml)
Cool and creamy vanilla ice cream with a swirl of strawberry sauce, the King's Sundae-licious Strawbery is purely delicious!
Sundae-licious Yam (800ml)
Who wouldn't say yes to a classic sundae with an Asian twist? Relish in the luscious vanilla ice cream topped with hearty yam-flavoured sauce. Truly Yammy-licious!