KING'S From the signature traditional potong ice cream to innovative flavours in sticks, cups and take-away tubs, King’s extensive range of ice creams promises to treat the taste buds with tantalizing flavours. Also available in multipacks and family-sized tubs that are perfect for sharing, King’s continues to offer quality ice cream with great value for everyone in the family.

Grand Mint (70ml)
Cool and creamy mint ice cream is generously coated with an enticing combination of chocolate, crispy wafer bits, and roasted almond nuts. Invigorate your senses with every refreshing bite of King’s Grand Mint!
Grand Vanilla (70ml)
Grand Vanilla is perfect if you're in the mood for a little fun without wanting to indulge in anything too heavy.
Grand Chocolate (70ml)
As spontaneous as you are. Grand Chocolate is the perfect little treat to keep you satisfied while you're on the go.
Grand Cookie Monster (70ml)
A triple layer of chocolate decadence that is sure to satisfy the chocoholic in you! Crack the thick chocolate coating with rice crisps and discover the milky chocolate core that is enveloped in a heavenly layer of chocolate ice cream.
Grand Caramel Almond Fudge (1L)
Nothing says 'pamper me' more than Grand Caramel Almond Fudge. With creamy caramel ice cream tossed with crunchy almonds, laced in luscious chocolate fudge, the sweetest treat is yet to be.
Grand Tiramisu (1L)
Plunge into the heart of extravagance, as Grand Tiramisu melts in your mouth. Enjoy the mix of crunchy almonds, coffee extract and luxurious Sicilian ice cream for a velvety smooth experience.
Grand Tin Roof Brownie (1L)
Make an offer your guests simply cannot resist - rich creamy vanilla ice cream tossed with chunky over-baked brownies and almonds with ribbons.
Grand Cappuccino Chips (1L)
If you're a self-professed coffee aficionado, do it the Grand Cappucino Chips way with generous servings of chocolate chips to nibble on while you savour the cappuccino-flavoured ice cream.
Grand Triple Chocolate (1L)
Enjoy ultimate chocolate indulgence with Grand Triple Chocolate. Lose yourself in the mixture of crispy chocolate-coated sunflower seeds and chocolate ice cream, laced with chocolate fudge swirls.
Grand Crème Brulee (1L)
Revel in the union of creamy custard ice cream and caramel, as the flavour of Crème Brulee takes your taste buds on a ride.
Grand Green Tea (1L)
Get on the lighter side of indulgence with King's Grand Green Tea. Kick back and relax like royalty with an extremely popular flavour that's delicate as it is intense.
Grand Cup Triple Chocolate (115 ml)
Spoil yourself silly with the ultimate chocolate indulgence - chocolate ice cream laced with crispy chocolate-coated sunflower seeds and chocolate fudge swirls.
Grand Cup Tin Roof Brownie (115 ml)
When the mood strikes but not a brownie in sight? Get your fix with this sublime combination of creamy vanilla ice cream, chunky over-baked brownies and almonds with ribbons.
Grand Cup Tiramisu (115 ml)
For a refined palate, here comes the exquisite taste of creamy Italian ice cream mixed with crunchy almond chunks and a hint of aromatic coffee flavour.