FOOD SERVICE 通过食品服务,本公司为餐饮店提供精致细腻的各口味挖球雪糕。


Food Service

Chocolate (6L)
Concocted from the finest cocoa to capture the purest decadence of chocolate.
Choc O Chips (6L)
More than just your ordinary chocolate ice cream. Indulge in the rich goodness of chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip crumbles.
Chocolate Chip (6L)
An indulgent duet of velvety rich vanilla ice cream with crunchy-licious chocolate bits that is hard to resist.
Coffee (6L)
The infusion of bittersweet coffee essence into smooth cream, resulting in a coffee-licious ice cream that is perfect for all coffee lovers.
Cookies N Cream (6L)
A classic favourite - sweet cookie crumbles folded into our signature vanilla ice cream.
Coconut (6L)
Creamy ice cream with a rich coconut flavour. An exquisite treat that is ideal as a base for many icy treats.
Durian (6L)
Bitter, sweet and fragrant, the complex flavours of the undisputed King of Fruits are well-captured in this creamy-licious variant from King's.
Mango (6L)
Our tribute to flavours of the tropics, featuring  smooth mango ice cream that is bursting with tropical sweetness.
Mint Choc Chip (6L)
An invigorating treat that blends mint-essence into velvety ice cream, topped with rich chocolate bits for an added crunch.
Raspberry Ripple (6L)
Delish vanilla ice cream interlaced with stripes of raspberry ripples. Velvety, sweet and tangy concoction that is blasting with sweet refreshing goodness
Strawberry (6L)
Brimming with strawberry goodness, this variant is refreshingly creamy with a mouth-watering sweetness that is ready to whet your palate.
Sweet Corn (6L)
A savoury indulgence that combines the sweetness of corn with the rich texture of delicious cream.
Tutti-frutti (6L)
A colourful concoction of candied fruit flavour that is both a delight to both the eyes and taste buds.
Vanilla (6L)
Luscious vanilla ice cream that is ideal for concocting any dessert you can imagine.
Yam (6L)
A delicious combination of purple yams and cream, churned into perfection to offer the best of the iconic Asian flavour.
Grand Triple Chocolate Grand (115ml)
Spoil yourself silly with the ultimate chocolate indulgence - chocolate ice cream laced with crispy chocolate-coated sunflower seeds and chocolate fudge swirls.
Grand Tiramisu Grand (115ml)
For a refined palate, here comes the exquisite taste of creamy Italian ice cream mixed with crunchy almond chunks and a hint of aromatic coffee flavour.
Grand Tin Roof Brownie Grand (115ml)
When the mood strikes but not a brownie in sight? Get your fix with this sublime combination of creamy vanilla ice cream, chunky over-baked brownies and almonds with ribbons.
Hawker Pack Yam (1L)
Savour the complex flavours of yam in this luscious recipe! The creamy confection brings out the natural sweetness of yam, with a hint of nuttiness. 
Hawker Pack Green Tea (1L)
Indulge in green tea’s uniquely alluring taste. The sweetness of milk is a perfect balance to the enticing whiff of green tea.
Hawker Pack Vanilla (1L)
An all-time favourite flavour, the irresistible vanilla ice cream is a luscious treat, served plain between scrumptious wafers or soft tasty slices of bread. Ideal for any time of the day.
Hawker Pack Durian (1L)
Robust in flavour and rich in scent, this icy durian treat is ready to smite your senses
Hawker Pack Red Bean (1L)
An irresistible combination of sweet red bean with cream, perfect to end any meals.
Hawker Pack Sweet Corn (1L)
Intrigue your palates with our delicious concoction of this savoury  desserts.
Hawker Pack Blueberry Ripple (1L)
Smooth, creamy and tangy, this fabulous blueberry ice cream is enlivened with a swirl of blueberry sauce. Yums!
Hawker Pack Mango (1L)
Have a taste of the tropic with this captivating blend of mango  with luscious cream. A treat that is surely not to be missed.
Hawker Pack Peppermint with Choc Chip (1L)
Specially blended  to create a refreshingly frosty sensation in every bite.
Hawker Pack Raspberry Ripple (1L)
Sweet and tangy raspberry flavoured ice cream whirled in refreshing raspberry sauce for an added oomph.
Hawker Pack Chocolate (1L)
An all time favourite with its rich and smooth chocolate flavour, perfect for the ultimate chocolatey sensation
Hawker Pack Choc Chip (1L)
Savour double the indulgence with rich chocolate ice cream with  crunchy-licious chocolate chips.