JWEL Enjoy a taste of royalty with JWEL, The Ice Cream Empire! Its royal court is ruled by eight nobles whose depth and complexity mirror the intensely sophisticated taste of the JWEL royal ice cream. With decadently thick, almond-flecked chocolate coating, JWEL has made luxurious indulgence an everyday treat!



Vanilla & Caramel Multipack (70ml x 6's)
Satisfy your desire for the premium vanilla and caramel experience with this multipack. A new dimension of excitement awaits, and you are cordially invited to immerse yourself in its milky experience.
Double Chocolate Multipack (70ml x 6's)
A world of decadence descends on all who cannot get enough of The Duchess of Double Chocolate. Get six times the indulgence with a taste that's luxurious and gives you supreme depth of flavour.
Tiramisu & Black Forest Multipack (70ml x 6's)
There's no need to decide between Tiramisu and Black Forest. The JWEL Tiramisu and Black Forest Multipack unites two exotic flavours with a legacy of perfection. Share the indulgent moments.